Receiving "You attempted to login from an invalid workstation"



A user on our network is now receiving the error, "You attempted to login from an invalid workstation.

The client machine is running windows 2000; the PDC is Windows NT 4, SP

According to the user, nothing has been done to his workstation, and this just started over the weekend

We have numerous windows 2000 and Windows XP clients, and this is the only one that get's that error. To make matters more confusing, an Administrator (or user within the Administrator group) CAN log in on the machine mentioned above, but a "normal" user (member of the Domain Users) account cannot

Any ideas (other than re-imaging or removing from the Domain and re-adding to the Domain) would be greatly appreciated




Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Check the user's domain account properties on the server to see if someone
has specified which workstation names he/she is permitted to log into.

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