Re-sizing IE window


Pez D Spencer

this is one of my most aggrivating issues with ie and windows that i
can't for the life of me figure out:

i use ie full-screen and it launches that way when i open it up, but
when i click on a link that launches another ie window it always opens
at some crazy sizing that seems to be regulated by the last size window
that slipped through my pop-up blocker. how do i set ie to open up at
a certain size every time?


Bob I

The windowed IE will reopen at whatever size it was when you closed the
windowed IE. If you want all IE windows to open "full screen", change
your "main IE shortcut" to open windowed and stretch it to fill the
screen, and then close it. (Do NOT use Maximize) Now all secondary
windows will open "full screen".

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