Questions about KB321122 and erratic Mouse Pointer



One of my XP SP2 Home computers has developed a problem with the mouse
pointer occasionally disappearing. It can happen when I am moving the
pointer or sometimes entering text. I can recover the mouse pointer
by lifting the mouse off of the pad momentarily. The pointer is
always found either at the upper left or lower right corner of the
screen and then works normally.

The mouse is optical USB. I tried an optical PS2 mouse with the same
results. Video drivers are up-to-date. Antivirus software is up-to-
Recent changes to the system: switched to 19 inch widescreen display
and using a new mouse pad.

There is a Microsoft KB article: The Microsoft mouse pointer moves
erratically or does not respond when you use a Microsoft pointing
device, ID 321122, March 6, 2007 which suggests one could have
problems due to duplicate files from previous installations of
pointing devices.

I find that there are duplicate mouse and HID drivers in this system
and am considering trying this fix but I have a few questions/

1. Step 3.8 is to locate registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM
\CurrentControlSet\Control\Critical DeviceDatabase\*pnp 0f13 Then
Step 3.9 says to use ARROW keys to select the *pnp 0f13 file and
DELETE. I am confused by the word "file" here. I can find the
registry key with an icon that looks like a folder but there is
nothing inside this folder. Does this instruction mean to delete the
key (the folder?) or is it that in my installation there is no file to

2. Step 4.x concerns removing devices from Device Manager including
any USB Controllers which indicate Root Hub or Host Controllers. I
have some entries which have names that include the chipset name and
the words "Host Controller." Should these be deleted in addition to
the more generic Root Hub and Host Controllers? Will these be
restored when the machine restarts without using some restore CD?

Any other suggestions for fixing this problem?
Thank you.


1. Delete the Key.
2. any connected device is found again, and available drivers reloaded on


Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.

I will give it a try (after setting a restore point).

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