Problems printing large .pdf files



Trying to print large .pdf files. The job can stop and restart from the
begining without warning. If I have a 100 page job, it can print up to page
90 and, without warning, the job will pause and restart from page 1. Have
already tried different printers (HP 4000, HP 5si and HP 4si) that are on the
network and are controled by the 2000 server. If you happen to be watching
the queue at the right time, you will sometimes see the status change to
"error" for a split second and the job restarts from the begining.

I don't know if this is a Windows or an Adobe problem. Just wondering if
anybody else has experienced the same thing.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lyle,

Windows has problems with spoolfiles > 2 GB. I don't think that your 100
pages will reach this limit, but
you can test it.
Install a local printer (e.g. one of your HP printers) to port "FILE:" or
create a new "local port" with a
filename like "c:\temp\output.prn".
Stop the printer and print your PDF-File to that printer. In
%systemroot%\system32\spool\PRINTERS you can
find now your spool-file *.spl, which should contain 100 pages, when
acrobat prints fine.

To verify the content of that file you can use a spl-file viewer like (english) or
from my homepage (german)

Keep the pdf-File open in acrobat reader while viewing it in one of the
programs above.
Acrobat will create a lot of temporary files when printing.

In my program you can split the file when printing so that the portions will
has less than 2 GB.

Feb 4, 2015
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I know this is an old post, but I am experiencing the same issue now. I am running Windows 7 pro. I never had problems, then that changed for some reason. I am printing over my home network. Thought the problem was a firmware update to the printer, so I got a different printer and have the same issues. Have tried printing from Windows XP as well (Virtual, on the same computer). I am beginning to think this is a network router issue, but I am not certain. Was there any resolution to the problem? NOTE: I have also tried printing from both Acrobat X Pro and Reader 11. Same problem both printers. The error is intermittent. I have also tried using the wired network instead of the wireless... but that didn't help either.
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