No Color support when printing



I have a Win2000 Pro laptop which prints to an HP PSC 1200 printer
through a D-Link USB print server over a standard TCP print port. I
also have a Windows XP SP2 desktop connected to the same printer in
the same way. Both machines are using the same print driver (the HP
Deskjet 3420 series driver) and can print successfully. However, the
Win2000 machine does not print in color.

I then setup the Windows XP machine to share the HP PSC 1200 printer
across my home network. Next, from the Win2000 machine, I added a
networked printer instance. When I print through this networked
printer, the jobs are in color.

I printed test pages from the Win2000 machine through each printer
instance. The non-networked instance says "Color Support: no" and the
networked instance says "Color support: yes".

Is there something in the registry that I can configure to turn on
(activate) the color support in the driver when printing from the non-
networked instance of the printer?

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