Can't print to 5si or 5m printers anymore



For some reason, my XP Pro computer can no longer print to any of the HP
5si printers on our network. I can print to HP 5m's , our HP 9000
printer, but not our HP 5si's.
To fix, I removed all the printer drivers from my computer, both by
deleting them from the printers & faxes folder, and also by deleting the
files from the \spool\drivers directory. I rebooted, added a 5si
printer, and it still didn't work. It doesn't give any error message,
other than it didn't print... even on a test page. This only seemed to
happen in the last month.

Any ideas, things I should try?



Alan said:
Is this the inbox driver?

What is the exact driver name?
Hey Alan,
You mean is it the driver that came with Microsoft? Yes it is.
The driver is being served from Windows 2003 Server R2.
However, my co-worker recreated the share on the server for one of those
printers, and the problem went away... on that printer.

The other ones I still can't print to... not with the PCL driver anyway.
I can print with a PS driver.

Anyway, I believe it uses the UNIDRV.DLL which is version 0.3.3790.3959.
Now the weird thing is, I'm connected to 3 5si printers. At first all
three didn't work, but after my co-workers fix, one now works.
They all use the same UNIDRV.DLL file.


Alan said:
That's the unidrv file from Service Pack 2 for Server 2003. There is at
least one change to the SP2 file.
I incorrectly specified the version of the drivers on the other two
printers. They were using a version PCL 5e. I think there might be
some sort of issue with those drivers. I tried to reinstall the printer
using the PCL 5e drivers, and it would not let me. The printer
installer notified me that they were uncertified drivers, and wouldn't
let me proceed. I did do an update to SP2 on the weekend, so this is
likely the cause.

Anyway, I changed the print driver to the version that came with Windows
2003 for those two printers, and the problem has gone away.

So, I just think W2K3 doesn't like the uncertified drivers.

Thanks for any help!

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