Win 2000 printers folder error



While my computer recognizes my HP 2410 all in one printer, I can not print
from any program to the printer. I get a printers folder error message which
states"There was an error found when printing the document [document name] to
DOT4_001. Do you want to retry or cancel the job?" I have removed and
reinstalled, using HP all in one remover, drivers, etc. numerous times.
After installing drivers my HP director looks normal, my printer folder looks
normal, etc. No error messages were received driver during installation.
Driver installation seemed to be completed completely and correctly. I've
verified the driver is correct. Finally, another oddity is that when I let
the HP site self detection program look for my printer it says it does not
find any HP product. Any advice and help is appreciated.


Just a shot in the dark here, but if your running any antivirus
software, try disabling it and reinstalling.

Nov 7, 2006
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Printer folder error

right click the printer icon and see if "print offline" option is selected. If it is uncheck the option. It worked for me.

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