which print processor for best printing performance?




I am using a networked HP LaserJet 5Si MX over a Fast Ethernet. Network
printing speeds are fine, however, it appears to me that rendering some
PDF files using the HP supplied Postscript driver are pretty slow
although the printer is equipped with as much RAM as it can handle.
Specifically, printing tables and large, complex images make the
printer load a sheet of paper and then render the printing for as much
as 5 minutes before starting to print.

I feel it might be related to the older hardware rendering performance
of that old work horse.

I wonder if I could significantly increase print performance by
downloading rasterizing from the printer's cpu to the print server
(Windows 2000).

Any suggestion how I could achieve this?

I also wonder what the "winprint" print processor is for as opposed to
the HPPRN02 print processor? Might this be the setting I need to
change? What's best or to put it into other words, what are the
tradeoffs selecting one for the other?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this one for me!

Best regards,


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