Problem installing printer


R Besani #2

A client has installed a "NAS Device" on their peer-to-peer
network, for purpose of sharing/centralising both data and
a laser printer. The device (from LaCie) seems to be pretty
much like a standard PC, with usual I/O ports, but running
XP Embedded. It claims to offer not just storage but also
other device sharing - specifically printer.

However we can't manage to properly install the customer's
printer (an HP LaserJet 2100 which worked problem-free
when attached to one of the more conventional PCs).

The first thing we found is that Embedded appears to lack
any native printer drivers. The Add Printer routine has a
blank list from which to select a printer.

So we obtained HP's latest driver for Windows XP, and
installed it. The printer actually seems to work OK (and
a "Test Page" prints OK too), but on each Windows boot-up
we are greeted with error messages requesting user
intervention/confirmation (a slight problem on a device
intended to be run passively, without a keyboard or screen).

When Windows starts (or when the printer is later turned
on, if it was not on at boot time, then ), we get a "Found
New Hardware Wizard" error window that says:

There was a problem installing this hardware.
(Printer/driver name)
The required section was not found in the INF.

In addition, several system tray notifications come up warning
that the device has a problem and may not work.

Removing the printer, then re-installing a freshly downloaded
copy of HP's driver, makes no difference.

HP support tells us that it must be an issue with Embedded,
an edition that they don't claim to support if it differs from
Home/Pro. The device manufacturer suggests turning off
Plug and Play in the BIOS, but we haven't found any relevant
setting. And the MS KnowledgeBase seems to not know that
Embedded exists.

Any suggestions?

Andy Allred [MS]

You should contact whoever developed and/or sold the device (perhaps LaCie)
for assistance, because it sounds like the device only came with certain
preinstalled device drivers (and this is normal for XPe).

Embedded devices normally are targeting specific functionality and only
supporting certain HW and certain device drivers, so the fact that you're
not able to easily install any old third party drivers is probably expected
in this case. You should contact the device manufacturer, not printer


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