printers and drives through Remote Desktop




I'm on a Vista Home Premium PC - connecting to an XP Pro PC through Remote
Desktop Connection. While on the remote session, I open the My Computer (on
the XP PC), and I can see all the drives on that PC plus all the drives on
my Vista PC. I can copy files between these 2 PCs. The same thing with
printers, while on the remote session, I open Printers And Faxes on the XP
PC, and I can see all the printers on that PC plus the printers on my PC.

Now, also from my Vista PC, I'm connecting to a different XP Pro PC. The
problem is that I do not see all the drives of both PCs in the My Computer
(eventhough I already checked the Drives box for connecting the Local
Drives). The same problem goes for the printers. I do not see printers of
both PCs in the Printers And Faxes (eventhough I already checked the
Printers box for connecting the Local Printers).

How can I fix this ?




Well it looks like a problem on the target pc, not your vista box. It would
be nice to compare the services running on both xp pc's and to see if both
hard disk are shared,

As for the printers - that's tough, is it possible to connect from one xp pc
to the other and then see if you can see the printers (this would rule out
xp\vista compatibility issues)

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