Printer Spooler Service



I am trying to install a new printer on my computer and it is not working.
When I go to start, control panel, printer, add a printer it says the
function can not be performed.
I tried going to Start, Run and typed Services.msc., Start the Spooler
service / set to Automatic, but when I do this an error message pops up
stating: Could not start the Printer Spooler Service on local computer.
Error 1068: The dependency or group failed to start.

Please help.


Hello Rebecca, the service that depends on the printer spooler is RPC or
Remote Procedure call, make sure that is running before running the print

Hope that helps, Let us know

Russell Kohl

I can't get my printer to run, it shows that it is hooked up, but, it still
won't cut on.what can i do ?


Rebecca and anyone else.....

I have experienced the exect same issue with my computer. It claims that
something chaned in the spoolsv services on Dec 7th 2005(about the time I
couldn't print anymore.)

My error messages are exactly the same as Rebecca's....

Upon further investigation, I browsed under Control panel\Computer
management\System Tools\Event Viewer\System I found a series of error
messages from when the spool services attempted to start. The error messaged
referenced a service LEXBCE server that couldn't start because of a missing

Anyone kow what file is missing and how I can repair this??

Many thanks


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