Printer redirection under



Hi all, at work we have a Windows 2k Server instaled and we access trowh a
Remote Desktop Client.
Well, as many people out there we have trouble with redirection of printers
under win9X, i read at microsoft articles about this subject, and suspect
that in my case was a difference in the names of the drivers (in the server
and client), so first time (like an idiot) i try to change the printers name
to the one installed in the server and of course does´t work (the trouble
maker was a HPLaserJet 1100 and in the server the driver´s name is HPLaserJet
1100 (MS)), but the second thing i try was change the driver´s name. In the
..inf file of the driver i found under the [PrinterList] section the string


in the name "HP LaserJet 1100" i corrected to
"HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)" because is the name of the driver in the Terminal

And it worked nicely....
The printer is redirected when the user logon in the Terminal Server.
I publish this trick here because i don´t have seen it already. So, i hope
this can help somebody.


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