Printing Umlauts on a redirected printer



Hi there

I didn't want to install the OfficeJet G85 Driver because
it's 70MB. So I decided to enter a Printer - Mapping in
the ntprintsub.inf: "HP OfficeJet G85" = "HP LaserJet 4".

It looked like it works but:
If the user prints a document with umlauts (äöüÄÖÜ) the
Printer prints some other symbols.

Is there a possibility to correct this problem without
installing the real G85 driver on the terminal server?!?

I think HP laserJet 4 is the only printer that works for
such redirection or isn't it?





Matthew Harris [MVP]

You can map any printer to use any driver through the
ntprintsubs.inf file. The LaserJet 4 printer driver is by
far the most popular, but there are tons of other options.

For the "OfficeJet G85", try using the "HP OfficeJet"


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