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I have TermServ on W2K. After having problems with some remote clients
printing, and learning about the adverse effects of non-TS print drivers, I
removed the non-TS drivers.
I modified the ntprintsubs.inf file to use the appropriate TS-approved
drivers for a large list of printers that we have remotely.
Now, none of these remote connections are getting their printers mapped.
Here's a snapshot of the first few lines of my ntprintsubs.inf file:


;***HP LaserJet Printer Mapping***
"HP Deskjet 930C series" = "HP DeskJet 930C series"
"HP LaserJet 1000 Series" = "HP LaserJet Series II"
"HP LaserJet 1000 " = "HP LaserJet Series II"
"HP LaserJet 1000 Series PS" = "HP LaserJet Series II"

When I install the exact driver for a printer, the remote client has a
printer, but otherwise doesn't. Shouldn't the print subs file make the system
map to the generic driver? (I use Laserjet 4 primarily) Or maybe I haven't
configured this file properly.

It's too hard to keep on top of all of our remote sites when they are
changing their equipment and don't bother to tell us, then are frustrated
that they can't print.



Hi again,

Here's a little more info.

I found that I can cheat the system by assigning a new print driver on the
client side. I just change the print driver for the printer to one matching
on the server. It will setup the printer and print as well. I can't use this
on customer machines, but it points to the problem.

It seems to me that the printer mapping file isn't working or isn't being
used. Here are the registry entries under
HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Terminal Server/Wds/rdpwd:
PrinterMappingINFName : REG_SZ : c:\winnt\inf\ntprintsubs.inf
PrinterMappingINFSession : REG_SZ : Printers

I know I've got the mappings in the listed file, I just don't know if it's
using that file or not.

Thanks again.

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