Repost: Redirected printers not disconnecting - multiple duplicateseach with different session numbe



Can anyone help with this? New sessions now map a random printer as
default when connecting.


For some reason the redirected printers on my clients are not
disconnecting with the session so when they reconnect another instance
is generated. We end up with dozens of printers like "hp LaserJet
1160/ASN3/Session 24", "hp LaserJet 1160/ASN3/Session 27", "hp LaserJet
1160/ASN3/Session 11", etc. when ASN3 only has one active session.
Anyone know how to fix this? Seems like the printer subsystem starts to
cause errors when there are too many. I have not made any changes to the
TS setup (Win2Ksp4).




Vera Noest [MVP]

I'm not sure what the underlying cause of the problem is.
In your example, the printer is present in 3 different sessions, so
it looks as if the user was not reconnected to an existing session,
but created a new session.

In any case, something is keeping the printer from being deleted
when the session is logged of or disconnected. Have you restarted
the spooler service and deleted any jobs that are still present in
the spooler folder? Any error messages in the EventLog when the
users logs off or disconnects? Does this happen with *all*
printers, or only some models?
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting:
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