Disconnected Session apears as connected



We allow some of our employees to access our ERP from outside of our company
via Terminal Server and an internet connection. But since internet
connections are not so stable, connection to our TS is broke very often.
Forcing the user to reconnect again.

Normally when the connection is lost, session become disconnected, and when
the user connects again, he gains control of disconnected session, and resume
his work in the exact point he was before.

But sometimes when the user connects again to Terminal Server, he gets a new
session, because the old session is still active. When you examine the old
session with tsadmin.exe effectively the session remains "ACTIVE" but there
is no user controlling it. It seems to be like a ghost session or hang

If using tsadmin.exe you try to disconnect or get remote access to this
session after a short time (vary from 1 to 10 second in some cases) you get a
error and the session becomes “disconnected†then user can to log-in again
and resume his work like the normal behaviour.

Why are this (ghost) sessions appearing, it used to be very few, but for no
reason, everyday are more and more common.

Any help will be very apreciated, thank you very much.

My setup is:
Server is w2k server sp4
Clients are win2k sp4 and XP sp2

End a disconnected session --> Never
Active session limit --> Never
Inactive session limit --> Never

When session limit reached or connection lost --> Disconnect session
Allow reconnection --> from any client

Vera Noest [MVP]

Try to enable KeepAlives. That will help the server to faster
detect that a session has been disconnected. For the correct
registry key, check:

216783 - Unable to Completely Disconnect a Terminal Server

Also check this link:

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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