Client Session Timeout Settings



Windows XP users connect via RDP to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server session.
They are getting disconnected after 20 minutes of idle time. I checked the
terminal server configuration under the Sessions tab and end a disconnected
session, active session limit, and idle session limit are all set to "Never."
Override user settings is checked for these 3 options and for "when session
limit is reached or connection is broken." If these settings are enabled,
how could a user's session become disconnected after only 20 minutes? Are
there settings somewhere else that could be overriding the server settings?
Our company implemented a new fireall configuration in our data center over
the weekend. Could that have effected these timeout settings? We are not
losing the local area network connection in our office anywhere. Sometimes,
the user's session freezes and then the user is disconnected. Others go back
to their session after idle time and the screen goes black and they must
reconnect. Please advise.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Could well be that there is a router between your clients and your
server, which sees no traffic and decides that the session must
have ended and throws it out. The solution in that case is to
enable KeepAlives. For the correct registry key, check:

216783 - Unable to Completely Disconnect a Terminal Server

Also check this link:

Vera Noest
MCSE,CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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