Can anybody help with this problem? This is my 4th try


Tony Girgenti


We have an SBS2000 server with a ZyWall10 firewall and one NIC, Terminal
Services in Remote Admin mode.

I go home and create VPN with SSH Sentinel VPN Software. Run RDC and
connects to server.
Everything is fine for a while until unexpected disconnects. Usually after
about 20 minutes.
Sometimes longer(up to an hour). Can reconnect right away sometimes, other
times cannot reconnect until
next day. RDP-Tcp properties/Sessions tab shows Override user settings
checked with one minute. Active session limit: Never, Idle session limit: 2
Override users settings is checked for Disconnect from session radio button.

When the remote desktop connection disconnects , the VPN is still active,
but i can't do anything else with the server.

After disconnect, i can ping the server static IP address with nothing lost.
Pinging the server local address of gives a loss of data. Pinging
the server name gives "Could not find server xxxxxx". Doing telnet
xx.xx.xx.xx 3389 gives "Could not open connection to the host, on port 3389:
Connect failed".

I tried doing terminal services with one of the workstations at the
office(without VPN) where the server is. It ran fine for hours without
getting disconnected. Even after a long idle time.

Why am i getting disconnected so often ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP]

Have you ensured that the Zywall is up to date on the bios flashing? It
sounds to me that if you are using Microsoft "stuff" it's working fine,
but with the SSH Sentinel/ZyWall in the mix it doesn't?

Can you run a netmon and see what is happening to the traffic at that time?

Tony Girgenti

Hello Susan.

Thanks for your help.

I will try those things and get back to you. I do hope that once i post my
results, which might take a doy or so, that you don't forget about my


Marina Roos [SBS-MVP]

Hi Tony,

Nah, Susan won't forget. And if she would per accident, you just post a
message with Susan in the subjectline in capitals.


Microsoft SBS-MVP

Tony Girgenti said:
Hello Susan.

Thanks for your help.

I will try those things and get back to you. I do hope that once i post my
results, which might take a doy or so, that you don't forget about my



I have used RDC to SBS 2000 in similar environments and found the RDC
connection to be very sensitive to minor hiccups in the internet. I tend to
lose terminal sessions before I lose pcAnywhere connections or telnet
connections. My access to the internet is fixed wireless and I frequently
have bad air days or packet delays.

I have one client with a similar setup to your server. The ZyWALL 10 is at
the latest FW of 3.52 (10/12/2003). I have a similar ZyWALL 10 at my site
with definitions for an IPSec tunnel between the ZyWALLs. I can get RDC,
pcAnywhere, and telnet sessions going simultaneously. If I start having
problems, I am more apt to lose the RDC connection than the other two. If
the problems get more severe, I lose the other connections also. THIS IS
VERY TRANSITORY. I can reestablish the connections quickly. As a result, I
place less value on tests done after a connection loss unless I repeat a

I also have SSH 1.4 at my site. If I set the ZyWALL-ZyWALL tunnel inactive,
I can set a pc-ZyWALL tunnel. I use this much less often, but results seem
to corroborate my ZyWALL-ZyWALL experience.

I also connect to other site Terminal Servers without VPN through my ZyWALL
and into other routers (e.g. Cisco). I have also noticed the RDC connection
behaving like the mine canary when the internet connection starts getting


Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP]

Feel free to start a new thread anyway... I'm not a newsgroup
policeman... if we lose you... start up a new thread... if we just
haven't gotten to you... be a little patient is the general rule.

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