Clients disconnected after 60min regardless of settings



On Windows 2000 Terminal Services, using Remote Desktop
Connection from 2000 and XP clients, the session is
disconnected after exactly 60 minutes idle (i.e. they have
minimized their session and not returned back to it). I
can recreate this both across the internet, and here

The End a Disconnected Session, Active Session Limit, and
Idle Session Limit on the users are all set so this should
not happen. Even the RDP-tcp connection where you can
override individual user sessions is not set to override
(i.e. no global settings are causing this). I've even
tested this with a user whose settings were all set to

This is happening at several different sites as well as in-
house, so I have ruled out firewall idle connection
timeouts (plus verified that this is NOT the case here in-

Since RDP-tcp is a socket connection, could there be
something in Windows sockets that is doing this?

Thanks for any help,

Rajneesh Mahajan \(MSFT\)

Do users get a 2 minute warning before they are disconnected? If disconnect
is issued by TS for an idle session, it gives a 2 minute warning to users.

On windows XP and server 2003, we also have a group policy (both user and
computer) that can be used to override idle session timeout. However, I
don't think this policy is available on win 2000, so that should not be a
problem in your case.


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