How to set to automatically reset disconnected session?


Ales Baranek

My TS clients disconnect from TS 2000 server because of unreliable line.
How to set to automatically reset, delete this disconnected session (user)
from TS?
In RDP-TCP properties I set 'Override user settings' and 'End a
disconnected session' after 1minute and 'When session limit is reached or
connection is broken' =END SESSION.
But I must reset some session manually.

Thank for help

Ales Baranek

Ales Baranek

Sessions after the line is broken are still active and Idle.
But I forgot to say, I run TS in Admin mode because I need connect only one


Matthew Harris [MVP]

Go into the sessions tab on the terminal services
configuration and have the system 'end the session' on a
broken link.


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