Terminal Server session hang when client disconnects



When users log out of terminal server sometimes there
sesson hangs and when you open Terminal Server manager
the users's sessions say diconnected. User cannot log in
again into terminal server until disconnected session is
loged off or removed


Also similar,

When our TS client logs in the software (vba frontend database) is lauched.
When the database is closed they are logged out of TS.

We recently attempted to install the Blackberry server onto this same box
but with no joy. we uninstalled everything (we think).

Since that day when the TS Client logs off, the windows close and they are
left with a blank blue screen which i have to reset using TSManager. If
they EndTask on the TS Session, they have the emply blue screen waiting when
they come back. I have to reset that session so they can use the session
again.... v.annoying!

Currently trying to resolve this so will post here once we figure it out.



The same problem seems to be happening to us. Although we did not isntall any
new software.

Recently some of our clients at our compnay have recently experienced Blank
Blue Screens when Alt Tabbing or closing an active terminal service window.
We have about 50 clients that use a Terminal Service based program. They all
run in "Full Screen" Mode, so they often Alt Tab to change between prorams.
Randomly though, a few clients a day (around 3-5) will experience a blank
blue screen when alt tabbing between the windows or even when trying to
closet he active session. It appears their session is locking up as you can
still navitage around the other programs or use the rest of the PC without
issue. But the terminal service window itself freezes.

We have contacted the tech support for the program itself but they are
stumped fully. I don't know if this is a Terminal Service bug. I'm actually
not too familiar with it.
We run Windows 2000 Terminal Services on a Server Running Windows 2000
Advanced Server.

When we check the TS Manger, we also show that the user with the blank blue
screen is "disconnected". We are stumped as well.

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