Workstations disconnecting, but leaving sessions active



I have a client that is experiencing periodic terminal client disconnects,
yet leaving the session active. We have Server 2000 setup in application
mode. the clients are connecting via an IPSec vpn. When the disconnections
occur, I have to admin into the server, start Terminal Services Manager and
physically logoff ther users Active open Session, in order for them to
re-establish a connection.

There is no rhyme or reason to these disconnects, they happen randomly and
without notice. i've been inside the configurator and tweaked that so that
this should not be happening.

Any clues as to why this might be occuring? Thanks.




Sean Murodch

Hi Vera,

I read the article as per your below advise.
The registry hack hlkm\currentcontrolset......

Do I make the change under administrator and that does all
users, or do I make the change under each user ?

thanks very much



Vera Noest [MVP]

This is a HKLocal_Machine setting, it's enough if you do this
once, under an administrator account.

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