Terminal Server Session Disconnects?????



I have 3 servers running Windows 2003 Server. I have an outer office
with 10 users that primarily log into one of them via Terminal
Services. Of those 10, 4 users constantly get disconnected from the
server they are suppose to log into. We have tried recreating their
profiles but that did not help and it happens randomly as well. Case:
They can log in and go right to idle and stay logged in for ever if
they remain idle, but if they do something on their session then let it
go idle again it will disconnect them after 3 minutes every time. If
they connect and start working right away in that session they normally
get disconnected after they go idle for the 1st time after 3 minutes
and some have said they get disconnected while working (I have not
witnessed that on the server side as of yet.) The other 6 users in the
office do not have this problem and I have also tried having those
users log into their workstations and they still have the same issue.
But if those users log into another server they stay connected the
whole day. So it seems to be something with that server, that office or
their logons and those 4 users to this point. I have also tried turning
on the KeepAliveEnabled and that has not made a difference. ANY
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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