HP officeJet G85 Scanner not connected



I have Vista Home Premium - also has Norton installed
Have a HP OfficeJet G85 connected.
Printer works Ok (in so much as I can print)
However scanner does not connect
HP web site states that G85 has all drivers built in. HP state just open up
say Paint or Photo gallery and import from scanner. However when try and
connect all I get is error stating
Unable to retrieve image from device. Verify the device is properly
connected and try again. Connection is via USB and is working as I can print

Any ideas? I suspect Norton maybe - but not sure how to get Norton to allow
scanner to send data to computer.



Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Uninstall Norton (ensure you have the disk to reinstall afterwards) and see
if the problem still exists. If not, call Symantec (manufacturers of
Norton) and seek assistance.


and am encountering similiar problems

Similar to what?

VISTA Home versions do not have the Fax & Scan Utility that is in
Business and higher versions so your AIO will rely on third party
software for this -- such as that which may have come with your HP G85.

This HP document will tell you what you can and cannot do with the G85
under VISTA

I am wondering if the serial to USB adapter needed to plug it
into the computer may be the problem? 

I don't know the G85 -- what kind of computer is using a serial to USB
adapter? Is this to do with an external modem?

USB to serial or to parallel converters are often problematic and this
may well be part of your problem. Describe precisely how the whole
thing is set up and confirm that when you installed software for the
printer that the USB connection between the printer and the PC was not
plugged into the PC.

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