Default Printer issue with Roaming Profile



I have a user with a roaming profile that is using 3 computers in an area -
Station 1, 2, and 3. Since the area is far from the main multifunction
network printer we installed an HP Laserjet on Station1 and set Station 2
and 3 to print to \\STATION1\HPLaserjet (HP Laserjet on Station1).

For backup incase the laserjet jams up or toner is out or whatever, we also
added the network main multifunction printer - KonicaCopier. This printer
uses TCP/IP printing - RAW on Port 9100.

Now when this user goes from computer to computer, they cannot seem to keep
their default printer to be the HPLaserjet on Station1. I believe it is
because on Station1 the printer is local, but on the other stations, it is
remote and when the user goes back and forth, the only same name printer is
the KonicaCopier.

Is there a way to configure the printer or profile so it always uses the
printer on Station1.



pcbutts1 [MS MVP]

Well that depends on how you are connecting the printers. What process are
you using to connect with \\STATION1\HPLaserjet do they have to map it on
every login? Are you using a script? With a roaming profile the last printer
installed will automatically be the default (a bug in the OS?) Remove the HP
the reinstall it and it should remain as default.

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