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Tony Patriarche

Summary: The Printer Preferences window is too small in both dimensions, so
that some of the options cannot be accessed. Either the window is too small
or the dialog box content is being displayed too large.

This is similar to problem reported 5/19/2006 as "Display of print
properties window", however I have a couple of extra wrinkles & installing
in-box drivers as suggested doesn't affect the problem.

Description of problem: Printer Preferences window is too small to access
all options, and cannot be resized. This occurs both for an old Epson C-60
and a new Konica Minolta PagePro 1400W. The windows for these two printers
are very different shapes and appear to each be the right aspect ratio for
the content but information is cut off on the right and bottom and cannot be
scrolled. The problem occurs regardless of the application from which the
dialog box is accessed, e.g. Printers right-click menu, Notepad, other
application software etc. The problem occurs regardless of the display
resolution selected. All other system-related windows (e.g. System
Information) appear OK.

Environment: Windows-XP SP2 up-to-date; NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 display card;
Acer AL2016W Wide-aspect LCD monitor, usually running at 1680x1050 (but this
parameter does not appear to make a difference).

History: The problem was not ocurring a month or so ago, i.e. there was a
time when the windows for both printers displayed correctly. I had a crash
and had to recover XP and other software from original disks, including XP
original 2002 release. I then brought all XP software up-to-date according
to the MS Updater and reinstalled drivers for the printers and other hardware
as needed. The printer drivers and display driver are up-to-date.

Steps tried to resolve problem:
- Checked that XP-SP2 was up-to-date on critical fixes using MS Updater in
- Installed optional update for NVIDIA display (turned out to be obsolete)
- Reinstalled newer NVIDIA driver.
- Added each printer as "new" printer, both with and without deleting the
existing one.
- The Epson C-60 was configured with in-box XP options.
- The Epson C-60 was also installed from the original CD.
- The Konica required a CAB from the original CD, so it was only configured
per the CD.
- Noted that display was Windows Classic and XP Theme not available; set
Themes Service to auto and started it; selected Windows XP Theme - no effect
- Changed various fonts & sizes in Display Properties>Appearance>Advanced -
no effect

Since the problem similarly & simultaneously affects two printers of widely
different age, properties, etc., it doesn't seem that it can have anything to
do with the specific printer drivers/software. The common factor appears to
be how XP manages the window for all printer preferences dialogs. Small ones
(e.g. FAX) are OK. I am not certain whether the problem began with recovery
from the crash or has happened with a later XP-SP2 update, or some other
event. Going by memory, the windows appear to be the right size, i.e. same as
when they were working correctly (they are also the right shape), so it
appears the objects in the window are sized too large for the window. I have
jpg snapshots of the two printer prefs windows if it would help.

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