Print Spooler Service Stopped on Networked PCs



I have an HP Officejet 6310xi connected to a printer on a home network
running Windows XP 5.1.2600. It has worked fine for two weeks. Suddenly we
are only able to print from the PC the printer is connected to. When I try
to add the printer or view the printer properties on the other PC's I receive
the message that the printer spooler service is not running. When I check
the printer spooler service on the PC as well as the PC the printer is
attached to, the printer spooler is active.

I have stopped the printer spoolers and restarted them. I have rebooted the
PCs numerous times.

I reloaded spoolsv.exe on the PC the printer is attached to.

HELP!! Any suggetions will be appreciated


I can't reinstall the printer because it is not found due to the print
spooler error.

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