Print Spooler errors




Strange problem happening on a SBS 2003 network with 6 win XP Pro clients.
The problem occurs randomly when a user is trying to print (from any
application, Outlook, Access, Word, etc) to one of three printers on the

The print job doesn't show up when the job is sent and nothing happens on
the printer. The only way to get it to work is via restarting the print
spooler service. This has happened at different times on all six machines.
Some more frequently than others. No particular user on the network is
affected alone with this issue.

I have updated the software drivers for the printers (2 x Brother lasers(one
parallel link to server the other via USB to client, 1 x Samsung allinone
linked via USB to client XP PC), and followed the Microsoft support steps to
remove the files from the print spooler off the XP clients. However it still
happens now and again.

Can anyone suggest any further solutions?

Thanks in advance,




Well I thought I could get away with it but the two PCs have played up again
that I had used the Microsoft kb solution with.

It's really driving me crazy. Does anyone have anymore suggestions I could

I'm thinking the next step is to rebuild one of the XP machines and see if
that makes a difference?



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