Print Spooler Crashes unexpectedly



The print spooler on my TS keeps crashing. The event log shows the following:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7023
Date: 3/31/2005
Time: 12:30:33 PM
User: N/A
Computer: SBTS1
The Print Spooler service terminated with the following error:
The access code is invalid.

Background: A week ago a print server crashed and died. This print server
hosted several network printers for the TS. Because everyone connects to the
same network printers, these printers are listed over and over again as the
TS loads them for each person who logs onto the TS. My brilliant (?) idea
was to have the TS act as the print server for two of these network printers.
My reasoning was that way the TS users would not have to load these printers
on their local machines, and each network printer would only show up once on
the TS for everybody.

Other Possibility:
Some of the TS Profiles, when loaded, are still looking for the network
printers on the old crashed print server. Could the fact that these profiles
are trying to connect to a printer/print server that no longer exists cause
the print spooler to crash?

Vera Noest [MVP]

When you installed these 2 printers on the TS, did you use the
native drivers, or did you install 3th party printer drivers? If
so, that's probably the cause of the crashing spooler.

I would re-install a dedicated print server again, and make sure
that you only use native drivers on the TS.

You can clean the user profiles from the old printer references
with a line in your logon script which deletes all network printer
connections: "con2prt /f" (without the quotes). I don't think that
this in itself causes the crashes, but it could cause delays during


Using the Citrix server as a print server is an excellent idea..
I use citrix server (network A) where clients that all share a printer on
their local network (network B). On network B i've setup and shared the
printer through an IIS server.... (known as web printing).....The website
only allows traffic from network I don't have to configure any
security logon for the web...leaving it open/anonymous so clients can manage
print jobs remotely without permissions problems..It works great and I
haven't had a print spooler crash since....and my clients print enormous
reports from access databases every five minutes....not to's
alot faster.

Setup and IIS server on your (network B)..configure it to only accept
traffic from your (network A - citrix server)...Create and share the printer,
and allow the local machines internet account permissions on the printer
security tab...FULL.
Additional info:;en-us;313058&sd=tech
Go to printer folder on citrix Add printer....choose network
printer....then choose URL.....type
It should take you to a web page listing the printer if setup can click on the printer...and it will display a printer
status should see a link that says "connect" it and it
will allow you to install it automatically....
You can use a group policy or logon script to choose which accounts are set
to this printer as default....

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