print jobs being produced when server reboots...


Brad Pears

We have a windows 2000 terminal server in our environment. When ever this
machine reboots, for some reason, tons of print jobs get sent to whichever
printer that terminal server users have been using to print on. It appears
that these jobs are definately only terminal server user related.

There are no jobs listed in the queue prior to this happening. However,
after a reboot, all these old print jobs start being printed again. They are
obviously being held somewhere and are released on a reboot.

Has anyone ever seen this issue??

Thanks, Brad

Brad Pears

I usually check the queue to see what's in there and in almost all cases -
no jobs showed in the queue! The funny thing is, some of the print jobs
that start being reproduced once the server is back on-line are jobs that
were printed weeks earlier!!!

I have no clue what's going on - but somewhere these jobs are being held and
released upon reboot! If not in the actual print queue, I wonder where???


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