Kill print jobs in spooler...


Rod Janson


How can I make a script which can be run at client computers and that
deletes any of %username%'s print jobs (also jobs currently being printed).

We have problems when users are submitting large print jobs to the server
and want to cancel the printout or delete these jobs. Once the jobs have
been transferred to the spooler the users have no longer access to them.

Thanks for hints on this issue



Rod Janson

Cari (MS-MVP) said:
Half way down on Bruce Sanderson's article:


Thanks Cari,

But from the text it seems that this utility is mostly used for deleting
more 'heavy' stuff (printer drivers remnants etc) than a particular user's
pending (and current) print jobs.

Would this be the only tool I can use for this purpose?

Also note that I want the user to be able to run something at his/hers
computer which actually kills this user's print jobs at the server.



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