Print Spooler Service Issues


Sean C

Hi All,

I have a Win 2000 member server that hosts all of our office printers,
connected via HP Jet Direct cards (4 of them).

Almost bi-weekly, all print jobs sent to the printers on the jet direct
cards stop printing and all jobs back up in their respective queues. There
are no event errors and the printer spooler service does not stop or even
error. If I stop and restart the spooler service, all jobs print and the
problem is resolved.

Does anyone have any idea as to how to diagnose this problem? Is there a
bad printer driver installed on the server? Should I dump all printers and

Thanks for your time,

Sean C


Hey Sean, did you get a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the
same thing. Not using Jet Direct cards or anything though, just got a
bunch of networked printers. Im thinking this may have something to do
with the installation of a recent windows 2000 hotfix as this is
occurring on more than one of my file and print servers. Let me know
how you go.


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