HP JetDirect hangs.



Quick Scenario

6 Windows 2000 Terminal Servers
86 170x JetDirect Attached printers configured on each.

Almost daily one printer, on one of these servers, will start to hang up.
The rest of the printers still work so it's not the spooler crashing. The
jobs just queue up on the server. Once the printer hangs on one server, that
printer generally (not always) hangs on all the servers with the same
problem (the jobs just keep queuing up). If we clear the jobs on the servers
then bounce the spoolers on each, the printer starts working again.

I've been going round and round with HP for the last two years and they
finally told me I should have bought their more expensive line of Jet
Directs so I could upgrade the firmware. . Someone in the HP forum feels the
problem is with Windows 2000 and not the Jet Directs. I personally

Anyhow, I've come to accept the fact that I will need to purge print jobs
and bounce spoolers, daily, to correct these problems.

Here is my new problem.

Every night we have one of the Terminal Servers configured to reboot itself
(one each night). When the server comes back up any hung jobs start to
print. These print jobs are travel tickets and are worth money to our
drivers. Is there any way to script a purge of all the hung print jobs prior
to this reboot? What's happening is some graveyard drivers are grabbing
these tickets off the printers in the middle of night and turning them in
for cash..


I got my answer.. After stopping the spooler I delete all the files out of
the spool directory.


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