PowerPoint 2007 and Internet Explorer



Can anyone get the .pps or .ppsx file formats to automatically play
(go straight into slideshow mode) if the are served up from a http://
protocol (web server)?

It seems to be an Office 2007 thing. PowerPoint 2003 behaves as

..pps or .ppsx extensions from local file system or file share go into
slideshow mode in PowerPoint 2007.
I tried this from Firefox and because of the way it downloads this
worked fine also.

We tried adding the new Office 2007 mime types to IIS. It didn't help.

Kelly Greer
(e-mail address removed)
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Hey, there's some info here that may help



I had seen that page. And it comes close to the topic... but not

I have narrowed down the issue a little. It seems to only effect
Office 2007 but it can be fixed (via IIS) I think.

If you are using Office 2007 try these 2 links:
1) http://download.microsoft.com/downl...2-aa6c-3bfff9cd5bff/TECHED/D2_FX/D2_FX_S3.pps
http://vjdkkq.bay.livefilestore.com...L8cpUxfkDZZKNw/BizTalk SCOM PPT.ppsx?download

Notice how the second link goes directly into Slideshow mode. I am
using Fiddler for IE... and still can't figure out how the web server
is serving up the second file that "tricks" it into slideshow mode.
The MimeType didn't seem to be the key. There is some thing around
'cache' that is different in Fiddler. But I not sure what that means.
Any ideas?

If you need more files to test try


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