PPSX Opening in Edit Mode from Web Browser



We recently converted to Office 2007, all PowerPoint presentations from the
web should open in slideshow mode, however even after converting to PPSX they
are not. They still open in edit mode. MIME types are set up accordingly on
the server. Files are saved in a file share like file://filename.ppsx. If
opened from it's relevant file location it opens in slideshow mode. However
when opened from a link in the browser they open in edit mode. Any solutions?


Actually we finally found a fix after about a week of research. I have that
article it did not fix the problem. Apparently something in the registry
forces PowerPoint to open in edit mode even though it's in slideshow format.
Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to question the user even after they've chose
to save in Slideshow mode. I wouldn't of saved my file in that format if I
didn't want it opened in Slideshow mode. Why would we need to do a registry
edit then push it to the entire organization.

Lucy Thomson

As Steve says, please could you share? It seems to have been coming up a lot
lately so it would be really helpful...

Many thanks,
Sep 20, 2017
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I had same problem but think I have solved it. The problem started after recently updating my Office 365. None of my Powerpoint Show files (.ppsx or .pps) would open as Shows and all would open in Power Point as an edit file.

I went to the properties of a file saved as .ppsx which would open in power point in the edit mode instead of opening as a slide show.

In the Properties I went to Opens with, clicked Change then clicked on Power Point and clicked apply and OK.

I saw that the icon had changed slightly and saw that the icons of all my .ppsx and .pps files had slightly changed and all the .ppsx and .pps files now open as a slide show and no longer in Power Point as an edit file.

Don’t know what happened but think that when you work in the latest Power Point and save the file as a .ppsx it really does not save it as a .ppsx but as a .pptx (as it says it must in the Options in the PP program!!). By resetting it’s Opens with afterwards in properties it has magically adopted the .ppsx and changed all the files with that suffix and with .pps to open as shows! Think it bypasses the glitch in the actual programme where it states in Options – Save that it must save as a presentation with no alternative such as a show. To see this do the following:

In Power Point click on File then on Options then on Save in the window that opens. Then check under Save presentations and then next to Save files in this format there is a window which only has 5 choices for the user and they are all forms of Presentation but no mention of Show. So despite you selecting to save it as a .ppsx it subliminally really saves it as a .pptx. The file has a .ppsx suffix but only adopts it when Power Point is reselected in the properties of the file. It then automatically did all similar files on my PC.

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