Possible WebDAV solution to MacOS X write failures to Win2K FTP folders??



Windows 2000 Server shares a folder d:\FTP as an FTP site. MacOS X user
can use Command+K to Connect to Server and connect to the site using
the FTP://desiredDomain/ steps. The site shows as a mounted volume on
the Mac Desktop yet is read only. Thsi is a known limitation to the
current (MacOS 10.3.8) Connect to Server implementation.

Now that same Connect to Server will allow full read and write access
if the connection is to a WebDAV folder. This is demonstrated when a
MacOS X user connects to a .Mac iDisk folder which is nothing more than
a WebDAV folder on an Apache or similar UNIX server.

Is it possible to use WebDAV to configure a folder, already published
with IIS as an FTP site, so that MacOS X users can write to the same
folders that are typically published as FTP sites?

How can I configure WebDAV on a Windows 2000 Server (or 2003 for that
matter) to "publish" the same d:\FTP folder and circumvent the problem
for the MacOS X clients? From what I've read already, WebDAV is the
default method for "web folders" in Windows 2000 Pro/XP installs, but I
can't seem to hunt down a definitive method for read/write WebDAV
folder publishing under Win2K/2.3K Server installs.

Kevin Allen


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