trouble with windows xp webdav client



I'm trying to get several windows XP machines to connect to webdav
server running on linux using the following URL style:

It prompts for a user name and password as well as the secure
connection SSL prompt.

The problem I'm having is when I connect from windows workstation to
the webdav server, it doesn't show up on the logs of the server. When
I open up a document it comes up read-only.
When I do same thing from a mac or linux machine, webdav works fine.
The files come up with full read/write permissions (which is how it's
set) and the server logs show the access and changes from the mac/
linux machines.
Why is the windows webdav client not working right? I've updated
windows xp to SP3.
I've found several places stating that microsoft support for webdav is
basically broken in a manner that it only works with microsoft
Can I make this work? If not, what webdav client is recommended to
fix this problem?

Thank you,


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