WEBDav works for Web folders, not for Frontpage

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Matthew Schwarz


I use Frontpage 2003. I'm not sure if my server has extensions.

Anyways, I am able to access my site as a Web Folder using Webdav, and I can
update it that way. However, trying to "publish" my site from within
Frontpage 2003 over Webdav doesn't work.

I get a pop-up that basically says it this the server doesn't have
SharePoint Servies installed and that possible causes could be 1. No
exensions. 2. Temp out of service. 3. Proxy. 4. An error.

Then it says "If this server does not support the FrontPage Server
Extensions, FrontPage may still be able to publish to the server via FTP or

....well that is what I tried.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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