suddenly can't publish from FrontPage



without know provocation, I now get this message:

Unable to open ‘’.
Server error: The Web server at does not appear
to have Window SharePoint Services installed.
Possible causes:
1. The web server may not have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.
2. The web server may be temporarily out of service.
3. If you are connecting through a proxy server, the proxy settings may be
4. An error may have occurred in the web server.

If this server does not support the FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage
may still be able to publish to the server via FTP or WebDAV. Please select
one of these options and try again.

I've published for months without problems, now I can't. I've spent hours
working through both Microsoft and Yahoo (my server -- Yahoo Web Hosting)
troubleshooting guides without success. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

Thomas A. Rowe

Ask your web host to run a check on the extensions for your account.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, WebCircle, MS KB Quick Links, etc.



As it turns out, I learned from a second call to Yahoo Help that their
server has been down since Friday. Hence the problem. The first tech
assistant apparently didn't know that!!!

Craig Schiller

Yahoo is a truly terrible hosting service. I suggest you get another
host ASAP.


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