Can Not Update - Publish website



I get the following message when trying to publish my website:
Unable to open ''
Server error: The Web server at "" does not
appear to have Windows Share point ervices installed.
Possible causes:
1. The web server may not have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.
2. The web server may be temporarily out of service.
3. If you are connecting through a proxy server, the proxy setting may be
4. An error may have occurred in the web server.

If this server does not support the FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage
may still be able to publish to the server via FTP or WebDAV. Please select
one of these options and try again.

Now the webhost has stated:

We have taken a look at your frontpage extensions and they appear to be
damaged. This could have happen if you accessed the web site using ftp this
would have disable the frontpage extensions. Using FTP will disable the
FrontPage extensions.
We can reinstall the FrontPage extensions? In order to reinstall the
extensions we will need to delete the existing web site, please make sure
that you have a backup copy of the web site.

They supposedly did this but the older version of the website is still
there and not deleted. They also cautioned me about firewalls being on and I
turned mine off while trying to publish but still no joy. (One note of what
may or may not be of interest I tried to give remote assistance to someone
the other day and we could not connect either.)

I am getting frustrated about not being able to update my website any Ideas?

Steve Easton

I've "Never" seen reinstalling / repairing extensions delete a web site, nor even damage
a website.
The extensions actually live in a virtual directory on the server and you web just
contains links to the virtual directory.

About the only thing you "Might" have to do after repairing extensions is recalculate the
hyperlinks for your web,
because the metadata for the web might be overwritten, as the metadata the extensions use
"Is" stored within your website.

Try this:
Go here: and download FP Cleaner
( with Expression Web Designer and SharePoint Designer support )
Download links are at the bottom of the page.
Run the functions that clear:
The Hidden Temporary files.
The Hidden Cache (*.web) files.

( which is a good idea to do occasionally anyway )

See if it helps.

If not, open your web in IE, then click File > Edit with FrontPage and see if the web
opens in FrontPage.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP

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