Files are copied twice from Max OS X to apple share on Win2k



Hi, sorry for a long description, but I'm trying to include all details. And
thanks in advance for your help.

Problem Description
I copy a lot of files (I tried around 50 files but there's no limitation) at
once from a MacOS X machine to an apple share on Win 2000 Server machine. I
have an application on the windows box that monitors this shared folder for
new files. This directory monitor waits for files to stabilize (when file
size and last modified time haven't changed for 5 seconds), then moves them
to ".stable" subfolder under the shared folder.

So the mac starts copying files. First it (or Services for Macintosh)
creates 0-byte files for every file to be copied. Then it starts copying
files one by one. As first files finish copying, my directory monitor program
moves them to .stable folder, so by the time Mac finishes, some files have
already been moved. My application eventually successfully moves ALL files to
..stable folder, i.e. there are no corrupted files or missing files. The
problem is that for some of the files, usually no more than 5, new 0-byte
files appear in the shared folder after I've already moved the file once. For
example, let's say I'm copying a file named "file1.txt" as part of the 50
files, and its size is 300Kb; directory monitor waits for a few seconds and
moves it to .stable subfolder; the file is fine and it's still 300kb; after
Mac is done copying the rest of the files, there's another "file1.txt" in the
shared folder, but its size is 0 bytes. Even though the size is 0 bytes in
Windows, Mac Finder says it's 8Kb. I have no idea what's creating this second
file. I don't even know which side causes the problem.

So my question is, why do these files get created second time, and how can I
prevent this from happening? Is it a bug?

Additional information

Windows machine is Windows 2000 Server, SP4. On Apple side, problem was
reproduced on two different machines, one - MacOS X, 10.3.3, the other -
MacOS X 10.4. On Mac, I established connection to the share by selecting
"Go"->"Connect to Server" menu in Finder. Then I typed in ip address of the
windows box and my user name and password. I didn't specify the protocol in
front of IP address, so I don't know which protocol is being used.

I am ignoring "ICON" and ".DS_Store" files.

Again, thanks in advance


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