Persistent Print Jobs



I have almost completed a Migration from a Windows workgroup to a
Domain for my client. I have one hangup however. On the new Domain
Controller, print jobs are printed properly and then the status is
listed as "Printed" and the jobs persist in the queue. When going to

\Windows\system32\spool\printers, there are SPL and SHD files for the

print jobs that are left in the queue. The printers on the Domain
controller are using the HP TCP/IP Standard Port and are configured in
the exact same way as on the old Workgroup "server". Things that I
know and/or have tried:

1) It is not a permissions issue, if I print a Test Page as the Domain
Admin, it persists.
2) The Keep Print Job in queue is not checked, and has even been
checked and unchecked.
3) Regularly selecting a printer and selecting "Clear All Documents"
works, but this is NOT a solution that is acceptable in this office,
neither is regularly deleting the files in the system32\spool\printers
4) An initial issue is that when the Print Jobs fill up, the
spoolsv.exe Service crashes due to lack of resources and the Print
Subsystem becomes unavailable. This has been temporarily fixed by
automatically restarting the Service when it goes down, but it does not
solve the problem, because print jobs still fill up.
5) The latest print drivers as well as the drivers that were used on
the Workgroup server have both been tried with no success.

The printers that we are having problems with:
1) HP LaserJet 8000
2) HP Color LaserJet 8550
3) HP LaserJet 8150

Couple of possible solutions:
1) Run a Windows 2000 Automatic Repair in hopes that there are
corrupted DLL's associated with the spooler service
2) Remove the Old Workgroup server entirely with the idea that the use
of the printers through the old server is causing some sort of
3) Rebuild the server completely.

Any help, advice, points in the right direction would be greatly

Thank you,

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