PDF Conversion in Black & White



Dear Experts,
I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and use it to convert Powerpoint 2007
slides. I select the print option, set it to adobe pdf and select 3
handouts per
page in pure black and white. The problem I am having is that it converts
the text to black and white, but leaves the chart (created in powerpoint) in
color. I can, of course, re-color all charts into black and white myself
before I pdf the presentation--but this is tedious. Changing the view to
black and white before I pdf does not seem to make any difference. Is there
a simple solution I am overlooking here?
You really want to post this in the Public.PowerPoint group rather than the
group, given that it's PPT 2007.

When you switch to Pure B/W View, do the charts stay colored? They don't
Have you applied SP1?
oops. . .sorry I posted in the wrong group. When I switch to Pure B/W view,
the chart shows up in greyscale. When I pdf it, it shows up in color. I
also tried on another presentation and it does the same thing (except this
time one of the graphics shows up in color, yet the other charts and graphics
change to black and white).

I'm not sure why this is happening. I am part of an office network and we
are up to date on all service packs. We normally convert presentations to
b/w for printing and posting on the web but this didn't happen before we
switched over to the new version of Office 2007.
Tell you what, let's get you to copy this whole thing into a new post in the
Windows PPT group so we don't annoy these good folks and so we get more
interested eyes on the problem.

When you do that, mention how you make PDFs. Acrobat's toolbar, Printing to
Adobe PDF, PPT's own addin or ???


I make my pdfs by printing to adobe pdf. I have since discovered that if I
change the print settings in adobe pdf document properties to black & white,
it seems to fix the problem. . .

You can let me know if there is another solution, but this seems to be my

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