Printing Graphs in black and white, PowerPoint 2007



In PowerPoint 2007, we can not change the black and white settings for a
graph like you could in older versions of PowerPoint.

We have graphs on a corporate background that is dark and when we print in
black and white any text that is white or a light color does not print at all
and the charts print in color, even though everything else prints in black
and white.

PowerPoint 2007 version is current (SP2).

Is there a fix for this?

Echo S

No, there's not. I wish very much that I had a better answer for you.

Usually SP2 helps a bit, at least, and the text shows up in black and white.
It's at least better here than it was before applying SP2.

Oh, are these line charts? If so, the line chart printing in color is
actually a bug caused by the hotfix that fixes the bug caused by SP2 that
makes charts crash. LOLOL. I know, I know, don't shoot the messenger! So
here's the order of issues, if I have it correct:

1. SP2 makes improvements in charting (and a TON of improvements in other
areas) -- B/W is better and some other stuff is fixed
2. SP2 makes PPT crash when working with charts (arrowing or clicking in the
3. Hotfix 975021 fixes the chart crashing issue caused by SP2
4. Hotfix 975021 causes the markers in line charts (or colum+line charts) to
print in color (it may affect other charts, not sure)

I don't know that there's a fix for part 4.

Only suggestion I have for you is to temporarily change the color scheme of
the slides to the black and white color scheme (Design tab | Colors
dropdown) or cut the chart, paste special as EMF and ungroup, then recolor
individual items.

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