Print preview always black and white


Giulio Severini


I'm working with Powerpoint 2007 and I don't understand a fact: why
all print previews are black and white or gryscale?
The installed printer is an inkjet color printer, it is set to print
color, the same setting I check in Powerpoint, and when I switch color
mode in Print Preview I can only see either black and with or
greyscale, but no color at all.
Can anybody help me with this please?

Thank you,


Giulio Severini

Is the printer on a network and if so, is the driver locally installed
or on a network also?  If so, try installing the driver locally then
connecting it to the network physical printer.

PowerPoint isn't happy with drivers on the network.  

How to install a local printer driver

How to install a TEST printer driver

It's a local printer, and the driver installed locally... :(

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