Print or Print Preview not showing text



Print or Print Preview not showing text
using PP2007
just released SP2 for office

Now when we try to use print or print preview only see some of the text
headers. None of the text is showing or the background or images, using
built in templates.
Worked bofore

After testing, I found I have to set the color/greyscale - to colour to
actually use the print preview. But it previews in grey scale, can't even
see the preview in color. Unless I also go into printer settings and change
that to color then get colour in preview.

If I set it to grey scale and my printer is a black and white printer, not
seeing the entire slides no background no text, a few headers thats it. Have
to change the grey scale to color and then can preview and it previews in
greyscale only, not color, and then actually prints.

Did something change on SP2 that is causing this? Just using built-in
Is there setttings in PP2007 is causing this. Is this a know bug with 2007,
if so hope there is fix coming out because this sucks having to remember to
keep change options to use print preview and print.

Any ideas

Echo S

I've not heard of anything at all like this. If I were you, I'd try updating
the printer drivers, though.

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