PC freezing due to unknown problem. Help!



My computer has a problem, and I can't figure out what the problem is. When I
turn it on, it works normally for a while, but eventually, it starts to
freeze up. It freezes for about 10 seconds, and then it will work for a
minute, freeze for another 10 seconds, work for a minute, and then keeps
doing so until I restart the computer.

There is no program that causes this to happen. It just happens, even if I'm
not using the computer. I've scanned for viruses using Norton Anti-Virus,
spyware using Spy Sweeper, and adware using Ad-Aware, and all scans found
nothing. I've done system restore AND recover in an attempt to fix the
problem, but it does nothing. I've deleted all unnecessary programs that I
have added to the computer, so I am certain I have enough memory to be
running normal. Any information and help that people can give would be useful
to me, so please help me out!



Ted Zieglar

Sounds like a virus or spyware. It could be worth your while to scan your
computer with an online scanner from a different company. Spyware, in
particular, can be very difficult to track down.

Otherwise, work with Task Manager open and 'always on top', with the list of
processes sorted by CPU usage (highest to lowest). See what process(es) take
up your CPU time when your computer freezes.

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