PC Reboots and/or Freezes upon Startup...

Jul 13, 2011
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Hi, I've been having really weird problems with my computer this week... and it only seems to get worse. Sometimes it reboots while my desktop loads, sometimes it reboots when the Windows XP loading screen is done, sometimes it stays stuck at the loading screen and doesn't progress, sometimes it freezes at the login screen and I can't type my password it, sometimes it freezes when my desktop is loading, one time while I was browsing a high-pitch squeal came out of my speakers for a few seconds and my desktop locked up on me, and sometimes it goes to a black screen during start-up as if the monitor was disconnected or the computer was turned off even though the computer is still running.

Lately I haven't been able to run Spybot S&D or Malwarebytes... possibly a virus, although I think my computer issues are more unrelated to a virus.

I haven't been able to find my Windows XP CD lately, but I'm wondering what options I have to fix this problem?

After I'm able to log in without freeze-ups or random restarts/reboots, I can stay on my computer without any other issues.

I selected the option that prevents automatic rebooting on system failure before, but it still seems to have problems with that.

Update: I recently just had the "blue screen" telling me windows encountered an error and I need to run a system diagnostic utility... so I am running in "Safe Mode with Networking" since "Safe Mode" doesn't work.
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