Page Numbering Issue



I am having a weird issue with my page #s in a Template I designed.
I have protected and unprotected sections of the form.

I am using a header/footer X of Y, with the header blank for page numbers.
The footer shows:

Page 1 of 1
Page 2 of 3
Page 2 of 3 (no page 3)

Could it be realted to the continuous breaks I have in the document.. Help





Stefan Blom

Yes, page numbering could be restarted in any section (because the page
number format, including restarts, is a section property). To fix this: For
each section choose "Continue from previous section" in the Page Number
Format dialog box.

To display the Page Number Format dialog box: Activate the header/footer
area, for example by double-clicking it. In Word 97-2003, click the Format
Page Number button on the Header and Footer toolbar. In Word 2007, on the
Header & Footer Tools ribbon, click the Page Number button (in the Header &
Footer group), and then click Format Page Numbers.

Note that for continuous sections limited to part of a page, you can
temporarily insert page breaks so that you can see the header and footer
area, and then access the toolbar (or ribbon).

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