Footer in protected document


Ricki Miles

I am creating a template in Word 2003 which has 2 sections. The first page
is Section 1 which is protected for form fields. Section 2 starting on Page
2, comprises the rest of the document and is unprotected. I would like to
have a footer starting in Section 2 (on page 2) throughout the document.
This footer must be accessible and changed by the user for each draft worked
on. It seems that even if part of a document is protected, the
headers/footers are unavailable. How can I unprotect the footer starting in
section 2? Thanks!




Stefan Blom

Note that if the footer should only reflect text added to the document (such
as "version 3, created September 10, 2009"), you can apply a style to that
piece of text in the document and then, in the footer, insert a STYLEREF
field pointing to that style. That way, users wouldn't have to edit the
actual footer contents.


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